My shrines

parappa the rapper, my biggest interest!
rozen maiden
a page of literally just stamps. because why the fuck not.

Articles and essays, maybe a blog of sorts

my history with the hellgame best known as kirara fantasia

External links you might be interested in

the /g/ wiki, might be a little outdated sometimes, but still very useful!
the arch linux wiki, which you should check if you get into linux even if you use ubuntu!
a wiki solely dedicated to emulation, heavily reccommended by /vg/'s /emugen/ and /vr/ both
the hitchiker's guide to online anonymity, a very cool guide to opsec!
a long list of cybersecurity, privacy and ethical hacking links. updates often!
parappa (download) paradise, a very overlooked resource for parappa content of all kinds!
an archive of the site!
the longest living parappa and lammy-related site! might be hard to read though...
unyuunymous, an old and large rozen maiden fan content treasure trove
the archives of desuchan, THE rozen maiden imageboard (browse at your own discretion)
chiaki konaka's notes and resources on digimon tamers!